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Jenny Rangan, LMT, Massage Therapy Gloucester, MA
Jenny Rangan, MA, LMT

I found Jenny 10 years ago during a difficult time when I needed to heal a broken heart and calm my rushing mind. Her massage expertise goes beyond the flesh, bones and muscles. Jenny touches the body like a seasoned sculptor works and molds precious clay...without judgment and always with a loving vision. I can't imagine

life without her. -C.N. 


Jenny brings an exceptional sense of knowledge, caring and attentiveness to her work. Her massages are deeply relaxing and healing. -G.M.


Jenny’s Rosen work is unique and valuable. She and the work seem to have no agenda. Jenny remains still, listening and affirming what I present. With her hands gently upon me, I discover the authentic underlying message from within that wants to be heard. Often, the inner expression that emerges, met by Jenny’s full acceptance, is the key to helping me move forward. I am deeply grateful to Jenny, her devotion, her love and her grace. 

-Caren Morningstar, Healer, Spiritual Teacher


I have been working with Jenny for over 10 years, and I would not consider going to anyone else for massage.  Jenny is nurturing, intuitive, and truly gifted in her ability to listen to the whole person, body and mind and spirit. -Kimberlie King, Ph.D. 



I have been a Rosen client with Jenny for nearly two years and found that her profound and wise touch guided my restless mind to settle in harmony with the deep knowledge of my body.  –M.Y. 


Unlike energy work or massage, the Rosen method is about being present to wherever I am and staying with me there. Jenny's loving presence and divine wisdom of the body allow emotions to flow through me easily and be expressed in total safety. With her I can come back to feeling my own perfection.  -C.L.

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