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Now more than ever, we recognize the value of touch. In order to touch and also maintain safety for you, me, all of our loved ones and all the people we both come into contact with, the following Covid-19 protocol is in place. This will be continually assessed and adjusted as the situation unfolds.

Prior to your appointment

  • I will send an Informed Consent Waiver (after we schedule) and a Covid Symptom Screen (within two days of our appointment) to your email via DocuSign. Please sign and return to me before our appt. You can also download them on the Forms page or here  and scan and send to Contact me if you have any problems. 

  • You can pay with check if you have written it out in advance, cash if you have exact change, credit, or pre-pay for your session herePlease note that fees have increased to $100/hr and $150/1.5hr to adjust for costs of practicing during Covid times.

  • Cancel if you have any symptoms and alert me if you have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive or has symptoms. (Review Covid-19 Symptoms on the Forms page or here)

When you arrive for your appointment

  • Wait in your car or outside the building for my call. Then please come directly to my treatment room.

  • It is mandatory that you wear a mask at all times while in the building and maintain six feet of distance between yourself and all others in the waiting area.

  • Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment.

During your appointment

  • We are both required to wear a face mask. I will also be changing my clothes between clients.

After your appointment

  • Re-schedule at appointment time or by text or email at a later date.

I will be monitoring my own temperature and symptoms and will cancel should any symptoms appear. Currently I am fully vaccinated. (Moderna).

I will be sanitizing the room (with CDC approved, natural ingredients, Benefect Decon 30) and changing all sheets and blankets between each client. I will be washing my hands frequently. We have a HEPA filter on the AC/heat/air vents for the whole building. Each room has separate ventilation. I also use a high quality air filter from IQair which filters to .003 microns. All sheets and pillows will be enclosed in a cabinet and all extras have been removed from my room so I can easily clean. Please bear with me as we fine-tune and get comfortable with new systems. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and patience. 

Buddhas from Wat Pho Temple, Thailand
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